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Live Comedy For You

If you’re anywhere near Mill Valley, California, which is up in Marin County across the bridge from San Francisco, go see my buddy Will Franken do his thing. It’s a unique, one-man, theatrical comedy show the likes of which you’ve not seen before. Once you’ve seen Will do his thing, you’ll go back again and again. I guarantee it. (more…)

>Not To Be Missed


The Grand Imperial Poobah of Uncategorizable Comedy is in Los Angeles this weekend. If you’ve never seen him, rush to get tickets. If you’ve seen him before, you’re already rushing.

His words:
Will Franken’s One-Man Holiday Show: “Texas Chainsaw Yuletide”
Friday, December 3rd (8pm) and Saturday, December 4th (10pm)
Theatre Asylum
6320 Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood, CA
Only $15

Here’s a link where you can score some tickets straightaway —

If you want to see a reprise of my much-heralded twenty-five minute closer “Michael Caine Returns Home to the Village of Taliashire After Being Kicked in the Head By a Horse and Visited By The Ghost of Marlon Brando” as well as the new pieces, “Gay Raphael the Flaming Archangel” and “Vegetarian Dingo Testifies on His Own Behalf”, this is the place to do it.

>Saturday In The Park With Piraro

>This Saturday I’ll be in Los Angeles all damn day hosting an outdoor festival thing called Worldfest. It will be both fun and funny. Please drop by and say hello. If you mention to me that you saw this blog, I will give you an invisible, weightless bowling ball. I’ll even autograph it if you want. CHNW will be there, too, so this is your chance to meet the lettuce bikini goddess in person!

As usual, I’ll be selling books and trading cards. These first packs of trading cards will be collector’s items, don’t forget.

Click on the poster image for a larger, legible version!


>Ladies, gentlemen, both, undecided,
My good friend and fellow cartoonist and stand-up comedian, Michael Capozzola, is doing a comedy show in The Bay Area soon. Check out the poster below and PLEASE GO!

Readers of the SF Chron will recognize Mike as the cartoonist who does CHEAP CITY, the cartoon in the weekend watchamacallit. Please mention to the Chron how much you like Cheap City here: Mike has done tons of free publicity for me and for Bizarro and I think his feature is original and cool. It’s locally-grown and hand-crafted with care, compassion, and no small amount of personal lubricant. What more can one ask for in one’s comics?Thursday May 8th @ 8PM at La Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley. Show details at:

>Live Comedy Show! (No dead guys)

>Next month, February ’08, I’ll be making an increasingly rare stage appearance at San Francisco’s legendary Purple Onion. I’m not doing the full-on “Bizarro Baloney Show” as I did last time I was there in ’06, this will be more of a regular stand-up comedy show.

A brilliant comedian named Johnny Steele will open with a 30-minute set that will hurt you. This guy is drastically, fall-down, pee yourself, sore-stomach-muscles-the-next-day, pray-for- the-apocalypse funny – just the sort you would never want to follow onstage. Then I follow him with an hour set of my own.

My built-in excuse for not being as funny as Johnny, though, is that I’m not really a stand-up comic. I’m a cartoonist who occasionally does stand-up. If Johnny ever wants to challenge me to a drawing contest, then we’ll see who the lame-ass pretender is. But on February 22nd, I’ll be the lame-ass pretender, so come watch if you’re in the area. It’s a small venue and will sell out, so get your tix now, mon ami.

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