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Bizarro Holiday Gifts

Hey, Jazz Pickles!  I don’t usually post on my blog midweek like this but here’s a fun thing I want to tell you about. A gallery here in LA is offering super-nice, limited-edition, signed prints of a handful of my favorite cartoons. You can shop them online and you most definitely should because the season of obligatory gift giving is nigh and this would be something special for that certain somebody who needs something special. You get the idea.

Student Cartoon Competition

The National Cartoonists Society, of which I am a member, gives away college money to young cartoonists each year. The deadline is approaching quickly so if you’re a student cartoonist or know of one, read below and get cracking!

NCSF-art-2016-LOWRES-801x1024PRESS RELEASE – JAY KENNEDY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Do you need $5000 for college? Are you a college student doing cartooning? Then you could apply for the Jay Kennedy Scholarship. But hurry the deadline is December 15, 2015. For more information, please go to


Get Your Name in a Great Book!

The King of Wordplay wants to put your name in his book! 

Amaze your friends. Stun your enemies. Be a part of Cliff Harris’s kickstarter campaign and help bring dirty jokes to the world!

BIHENH Front Cover rgb 300 dpi (1)My buddy and long-time collaborator, Cliff Harris, known to many of you Jazz Pickles as the King of Wordplay, will be publishing his first book soon. He needs some help with getting the book the national attention it deserves so he’s started a Kickstarter campaign. The book is a collection of double-meaning jokes that turn ordinary phrases into dirty jokes.  You can get a sense of Cliff’s remarkable skills with word-play in the examples of Bizarro gags that he wrote over the past few years. (see below) These gags are NOT in his new book, I’m just posting them to remind you how clever he can be.


Live Comedy Tomorrow Night Seattle!

Hey, Seattle Jazz Pickles, go see my good buddy, Michael Capozzola’s stand-up comedy show tomorrow night. He’s very funny and you will laugh. Later, you’ll remember things he said and laugh again. 

Official PR copy:

This Sunday in Seattle: it’s comedian Mike Capozzola’s show, “Emperor Ming’s Mercilessly Spicy Wings!”

He shines a Bat-Signal on superheroes, Star Wars, secret agents, werewolves and time travel, augmented with original comic and cartoon art including one that depicts Elektra skewing a zombie Sheldon Cooper…


Buy This Book

One of the best New Yorker cartoonists to come along in the past decade or so is Matthew Diffee. He also happens to be one of my best friends of all the New Yorker cartoonists I know and he and his wife hang out with Olive Oyl and me fairly regularly. The reason I mention this is that he has a new book out that is actually very funny, charming and clever.

Cartoonist Documentary

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 10.17.05 AMA few years back, a really terrific guy by the name of Nick Armington began making a documentary about cartoonists. His accidental death at a sadly young age stopped production but his widow, Sari, has finally seen the project through and it’s almost completed.

Have a look at some videos clips from the movie (a couple featuring a pre-mustache ME!) and consider kicking in a few bucks to help get this puppy done! (more…)

Cartoon Recommendation

Some guys called Mustard and Baloney are doing some good cartoons these days. I love the one below.

Check out their site, which has a bit of a movie trivia quiz today in the form of cartoons. If you’re the first person to get their final question right, you’ll win a signed book! And while you’re there, consider picking up their new book in case you don’t win it. (more…)

A Funny Book

Attention Jazz Pickles: Here is a book of cartoons that I think you’ll dig, but it isn’t mine.



These guys call themselves Mustard and Baloney, and I like their work so much I wrote a foreword for their first book of cartoons. The gags are funny, the art is spectacular.

Below are a couple of my favorites from the book. Check it out here and buy a copy or twelve. “Mustard” is blogging there, too, in case you don’t have enough ways to waste time while you should be working.color_0206_fries color_0037_hunter (more…)

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