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As I mentioned yesterday in a Facadebook post, Olive Oyl and I moved Rancho Bizarro to Mexico a couple of days ago. I’ve been working ahead on Bizarro for many weeks, and for months O2 has been attending to the 785 zagilliobytes of information that must be researched, filed, signed, processed, and anticipated in order to move your life, pets, and possessions to a foreign country. So even two days later, we feel a bit like we’ve just collapsed at the end of a marathon. Although when people run marathons they usually don’t bring their cats.


My Life Just Got Very WEIRD!

The strangest thing that’s ever happened to me happened recently and I wanted to share the experience with my Jazz Pickles.

A friend of mine who is a reality TV producer of note, Jon Kroll, called me a couple months ago and said he was working on a new show and they were looking for a narrator. He’s always liked my voice and thought I might be a good fit, so he asked if I’d be interested in auditioning, even though I’ve never done this kind of work before. I said I was. He said over a hundred others were auditioning, too, so not to expect anything. I didn’t. (more…)

Bizarro’s 2012 Year in Review

(To view this cartoon as big as a pink elephant, click on the barfing character’s butt.)

Very soon our tiny planet will have successfully made another revolution around the sun and I am thankful for the ability to say so without fear of prosecution. Galileo spent the rest of his life under arrest for saying the same thing in 1633, so we shouldn’t take these things for granted. In addition to that excellent news, I have had a tremendously successful year in my own life and I want to share those victories with you now.  As is done by so many others at this time of year, (more…)

Hindus or Whatever

Bizarro is brought to you today by Signs of Intelligent Life.

A Bizarro reader wrote to me recently suggesting something about a BBQ that pointed out the difference between Old West Indians and “real” Indians from India. That sparked this idea, which I like a lot. It has the element of the unexpected right in the last word of the dialogue, which is the best place for it. I know this because I am a cartoonist. (more…)

Uranus in Your…

Bizarro is brought to you today by Freaky Crab Hand.

Why do I find static electricity jokes funny? I think that perhaps it is because when I was in grade school, my dad was in a meeting at work and felt something in the sleeve of his suit jacket, reached in a pulled out a baby sock which he then quickly tucked into a pocket so his colleagues would not see it. I remember him and my mother laughing about this when he got home and it stuck with me. I hope you enjoyed this cute story about my childhood. (more…)

Shower Willies for Trump

Bizarro is brought to you today by Zach Galifianakis in Disguise on the Subway.

As readers of this blog know, I’m no friend to the current epidemic of so-called “reality” shows. Nor prime-time game shows which are often the same thing. Give me actors, scripts, stories and creativity any day. And, because I’m a human being with a normal tolerance for repulsiveness, I’m not a fan of Donald Trump, either. Just drawing this caricature of him (and I’m pretty proud of the result, given that caricaturism is a specific art form of which I am not greatly experienced) gave me a major case of the willies. What a creepy human he is, on so, so many levels. (more…)

I Was Raptured

BIZARRO is brought to you today by Signs of the Times.

I meant to blog yesterday, but I couldn’t find the Internet connections here in Heaven until this morning. Yes, I was raptured on Saturday night, as predicted by Christian loose-cannon, Harold Camping. I know I posted Sunday saying I wasn’t but truth be told, I prepared that blog post on Saturday morning and scheduled it to be posted at midnight because I was going out of town for the weekend. I had no idea how far out of town I would end up. (more…)

The End (For Real This Time)

Bizarro is brought to you today by The End of the World.

This is my favorite Wayno cartoon during this week of guest cartooning that he so graciously did for me. I love the drawing and the gag is one of those that makes me hate him because I wish I’d thought of it first. DAMN YOU, WAYNO! (more…)


My new favorite reader is Jeff. Jeff first wrote to me a few weeks back when I included a Fiat Multipla from the 1960s in this Sunday cartoon. Jeff owns a few of these amazing little vehicles and wondered why I chose it for the cartoon. I told him I chose it because it’s so cool looking and that I am jealous that he has actual ones to look at instead of just the Internet images I have to placate myself with. (more…)

Picture Parade

Bizarro is brought to you today by Docents.

Plenty of cartoons again today in a desperate effort to catch you up to date. This first one is from my amazingly sexy and talented colleague, Wayno! He knows how much I despise b*llshit (did I put the * in the right place?) conceptual art so I like to imagine he wrote this gag just for me. To read his story about the process, click the funny elf. Funny Elf. (more…)

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