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Meeting “God”

Yesterday, my girlfriend, Olive Oyl, and I were invited to sit in on a table read of the first episode of the new season of The Simpsons. If you’re not familiar with this term, it’s when a whole lot of people involved in the show––directors, producers, actors, writers, etc.––sit around a large table and read a new script. From this, the people involved are able to see what parts of the script are successful and which need work. Outside observers are often brought in so that those already familiar with the script can judge their reactions. (more…)


bz panel 10-31-13bz strip 10-31-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Really Scary Costumes.

It is officially Halloween today, so have some fun. Why not start out with a romp in the yard with Woof Man? He’s cute, cuddly, full of energy and dog saliva, and is just so darned happy to see you he can barely contain his urine. (more…)

Impending Gore

bz panel 10-25-13bz strip 10-25-13Bizarro is brought to you today by This Bizarro Cartoon.

It’s almost Halloween here in the United States so here are a couple of cartoons to help get you in the mood. For my foreign readers, Halloween is a holiday during which Americans celebrate evil, violence, and superstition by wearing clothing and accessories that are intended to disgust, frighten, or amuse others. And, like all holidays, we add alcoholic beverages to heighten the experience. Often, we will dress our children in similarly grotesque or fanciful outfits and send them out after dark to beg for food at the homes of strangers. (more…)

Rex Me Up

bz panel 07-15-13bz strip 07-15-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Badass Messiah.

Over the weekend, Klamelda and I went to a big fundraiser here in LA sponsored by the Derby Dolls: a women’s roller derby league. It was held in several large warehouse spaces and the parking lots of said buildings. They had circus performers and various other sideshow kinds of things, as well as an exhibition match between two derby teams. It was a blast. (more…)

Penal Paper

bz panel 05-29-13This episode of Bizarro is brought to you by Good Times.

I’m not particularly fond of drawing office scenes, especially opulent offices like the sort you expect from lawyers and judges. They’re tedious and boring. But I liked this gag from my good friend and colleague, Dan McConnell enough that I bit the bullet and did it. (Kids: do NOT bite bullets. It is cheaper to have your cheek pierced at a tattoo shop.) (more…)

Party People

bz panel 05-24-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Daily News.

Sorry for the absence, Jazz Pickles. I’ve been out of town for four days at our annual National Cartoonists Society’s convention. This year it was in Pittsburgh and we had a blast.  Here are the two cartoons I missed posting last week after I’d gone, plus a few highlights and pictures from the Reubens (as we call our yearly get-together.) (more…)

Am I a Movie Star?

A good friend of mine in LA is a producer (not like Steven Spielberg, but he produces things) and he let me be in a short film he is making. I posted a photo album of my two days on set on my official Bizarro Facebook page. I had a great time, except for the insanely huge amount of boring time spent between each scene.( And I mean HUGE and BORING) Still, I had a ball and hope to get to do it again sometime soon. (more…)

Velvet Rope Baby Manual

Bizarro is brought to you today by Things You Should Not Do at the Mall.

Good day to you, Jazz Pickles, how is your hangover? Mine is rocking my cranium like Bandfinger in 1978, after all of the wild and wuzzy celebrations for the 27th anniversary of Bizarro yesterday. Man, I was up well past midnight just boogying down and keeping it real. Today, it is still so real that I can’t get it to leave the kitchen. I’m not even sure what it is. (more…)

Hairy Donkey

(To see this cartoon bigger, click the ear with the hair coming out of it.)             (To see it upside-down and backwards, click here.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Sad News.

As a man who has lost a bit of protein real estate on my north forty, I feel I can honestly critique the “comb-over”. Gentlemen; it looks terrible. Just go with what nature gave you and “own it,” as they say. Confidence in who you are is so much more attractive than any amount of hair flowing over, hovering above, or swirling across places where it no longer grows. We live in a time when being completely bald is not only acceptable, it is fashionable. Embrace it. (more…)

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