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Reeling It In

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Bizarro is brought to you today by Men of Action!

Lately I’ve been doing some pretty realistic images for my cartoons. I don’t know why I’ve always been a fan of realism, perhaps it is simply the challenge of fooling the eye. As a contrast, I’ve posted a cartoon of mine from 1998 below, when I was in a period in which I was deliberately stepping away from realism and into much more cartoony-looking images. At the time, I intended to stay in that mode indefinitely but I found that I gradually drifted back toward realism over time, almost without noticing. Obviously, different gags require different styles of drawings and I think the one about ice fishermen above benefits from the realism whereas the one below might seem awkward if it were realistic. Still, I’m interested in what you Jazz Pickles think of these two different styles.  Which do you guys generally prefer: my realistic images or my very cartoony ones?biz11tsl (more…)

Original Bizarro Drawing

Do you want to feel less grubby?                          This is how you do it.

Another original ink drawing from Bizarro is up for sale on eBay for the next few days and your home, office, or crypt NEEDS this art to be complete. Friends will “ooh” and “aah,” enemies with seethe, your parents will wonder why you are so loose with your money. It’s a win/win/win. You won’t believe how low the price is as I write this. (more…)

To Be Cool

Do the people on your street think you’re cool? Me neither. But they will once we’re sporting this amazingly handsome garment!

There is ONE WEEK LEFT to nab yourself one of these very-first-in-a-series-of-highly-coveted, limited edition T-shirts! Once this sale is over, the design will be retired for good. No matter how many people cry and throw themselves on the floor like spoiled toddlers, I will NOT print more shirts. The prospect of you being one of those brokenhearted Jazz Pickles makes me soil myself. Take a look. (more…)

Original Art for Sale

Like a big doofus (which, according to my exes I am, and a few other things, too) I completely forgot to post this week’s original Bizarro art sale on eBay. This auction only lasts until sometime Tuesday, so hurry on over there and bid.

This is one of my elaborate restaurant scenes with the gag “hidden” in the background. There are lots of good icons in it, some pretty good character faces, if I may be immodest, and one of my rare cameos as the diner at the extreme right. This art will instantly make your home the envy of all who visit––except other people who own Bizarro original art or something even cooler, like Michael Jackson’s taxidermied body or the head of Karl Rove under a glass dome. (more…)

FINALLY! The Official Shirt!

Big news, Jazz Pickles! At long last you can show your pride with an OFFICIAL Jazz Pickle Pride shirt!

This is a limited-time offer and will only be available for two weeks from today. If 100 sell, they’ll print the shirts. If not, they won’t. This will make me sad because I’ve ordered one of every style and color for myself. Even the women’s shirts! (more…)

Jazz Pickle T-shirt Offer

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 10.04.56 AMEXCLUSIVE, LIMITED-EDITION T-SHIRTS from the Jazz Pickle Jar are available for only 1 week and 2 days more! PeaceShirt01 PeaceShirt2 PeaceShirts3

I first offered the T-shirt below, inspired by this Bizarro cartoon, a bit over a week ago. Some of my Jazz Pickles asked why I did not include anything on it saying where the shirt came from so I’VE ADDED TO THE DESIGN. The back of the shirt now has “For Jazz Pickle Use Only,” added to the bottom of the headline. (more…)

Sunday Punnies #21

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Bizarro is brought to you today by Double Entendre Road.

Welcome to my blog, where you’ll see my daily cartoons and most of you will ignore the things I write about them. If you’re one of those who just pops in to read the cartoons and are skipping the hilarious prose that accompanies them, you’re missing some of the best parts: funny ideas and words like “juice,” “parachutes,” “careening,” and much more more. (more…)

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