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3-D Investment for our Future

Hey, Jazz Pickles. Lately I’ve decided to try to do good things for others as part of my regular routine and I’ve enjoyed the way it makes me feel. I’m not going to be posting about stuff like this a lot, so don’t get your corset tangled, but here’s one that comes from my boyfriend-in-law (my adult daughter’s live-in boyfriend.) He’s a very innovative and dedicated high school science teacher, and a damned good person.

He’s teaching mostly under-privileged kids who are trying to get to college––most of them will be the first in their family to do so. He hand-picked these students for his new engineering class and has a group that are talented in, and serious about science. He wants to buy a 3-D printer for the classroom and is using a crowd-source funding page to do it. If he raises half the money by Sunday, the Bill Gates Foundation will match it!

I gave some money this morning––have a look and think about pitching in a few bucks, too, if you can. I think helping serious low-income students is a great way to improve society in the future.

Here are my goofy daughter and her serious scientist boyfriend, Chris.

And here is the fundraiser.


Be One of the Good Guys

Hey, Jazz Pickles! A guy I’ve known since childhood needs a new wheelchair and can’t afford it. He’s got a fundraiser thing going online and I’d love it if you’d consider kicking in a buck or two. I donated and it felt good! You can feel good, too!

I know him to be a good guy and a worthy recipient of your kindness. He’s not just in it for the parking.

Here’s the link:




Mouse Tweet Cats

bz panel 07-21-14bz strip 07-21-14bz panel 07-22-14bz strip 07-22-14bz panel 07-23-14bz strip 07-23-14


Bizarro is brought to you today by I’m on Vacation This Week!

I’m on vacation this week so I’m keeping my blog comments brief!



Monday’s cartoon: Well, have you?














Tuesday’s cartoon: Part of my vacation is ignoring electronics.















Wednesday’s cartoon: My cats never play with cat toys. Only things that are expressly not for cats.

Broken Pie No More!

Gain complete control over your finances with this one weird, old trick!

Buy #2 in my series of Bizarro Jazz Pickle T-shirts––Bunny’s Pie Repair––and pretend that wearing it will magically protect you from all harm: emotional, physical, financial, and whatever else you’ve got going on. It’s just that easy!

And, as if that weren’t motivation enough, here’s what celebrities look like in these shirts!

Get several today, before time runs out! Only 14 days left, then this design will be retired to the Smithsonian forever. (There are ten styles and colors available so click the dropdown menu arrow!)BunnyShirtsPartonHasslehoff

Below Deck

Bizarro 04-27-14 hdrWEBBizarro 04-27-14 WEB(Click on anyone’s nose to get a larger image.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Japanese TV of the 1960s.

I like today’s gag because it’s one of those that doesn’t quite click (for most readers) until they read the dialogue balloon, then search around the image for what it means. I used to have one of those mirror periscope toys when I was a kid. I don’t know why it was fun to see around corners but it was. There was invariably nothing of great interest to see that I couldn’t have witnessed by walking around the corner, but imagination is a powerful thing.


BIZARCHIVES: Here’s a look back in time to 2002. I have no memory of writing or drawing this cartoon but I came across it in my archives this morning and thought it was really weird. Who are these people and what are they doing? Your guess is as good as mine and I hope the answer amuses you. bizarro 11-10-02 Expect WEB


Hey, Jazz Pickles. My computer had a freakout yesterday and I had to take it to the hospital for surgery. I’m on an OLD computer now, the OS of which is too archaic to work well with modern browsers (and too old to update) and so I’m having trouble doing anything at all on the Interwebs.

SO…until my computer recovers (a few days at most, I hope!) I won’t be posting any new cartoons. I’ll be back on it soon, though.

To find out when my next post (or any future post) goes up, sign up for my email list at right, just beneath the Tip Jar. I’ll keep your email address private, of course!

Rare Original Bizarro Cartoon Art

 Only one day left to bid on this unique piece of original art and the hand-colored coloring guide that goes with it!

A piece of history, a piece of art, a piece of the late 1900s. Even your pets will be jealous that you own it. (Caution: display out of the reach of pets and small children.)

No, I’m not interested, but thanks for trying to make my life more meaningful.

Yes, I will look at the auction page by clicking these blue words.




Worthy Cause Bizarro Original Art Sale!

You regular Jazz Pickles know Cliff Harris, the King of Wordplay, as one of my favorite collaborators. I can’t tell you what a terrific guy Cliff is. Words cannot express what an open, friendly, loving sort of bloke he is. His wife and two sons are equally wonderful and I’m not just blowing smoke up your donkey.

Well, Cliff has two young sons, one of whom is shaping up to be a pretty talented composer. The family wants to buy him a piano to facilitate his talents and have decided to sell the original art of four of the panels we collaborated on. Each is signed by me to Cliff at the bottom.

I assure you this is a very worthy cause. Help these kids out by bidding generously and often on their ebay auction this week!  Here’s a page with all four images, from which you can navigate to each separately.

These are the cartoons they’re selling. All of them are hand-drawn with ink on bristol board and are about 7″x13″.  Three are very early installments of the now-famous Bizarro Sunday Punnies series, so that makes them even more historically important! Click on any image to make it biggerized.

CLIFF Bizarro 08-23-09 blk CLIFF bizarro 10-18-09 CLIFFbizarro 01-03-10 CLIFFBizarro 04-25-10


One Day Left

There is only one day left to get your official Bizarro Jazz Pickle Pride shirt, then the design will be retired.

I hate to keep banging this drum but I know that as soon as I retire this design, people are going to be begging me to offer it again because they didn’t get one before the deadline. I can hear it now, “I was in ICU and they wouldn’t let me use a computer,” “I was held captive by a tribe in the jungles of Borneo and didn’t find out about it until I was released,” and “My head was stuck in a pitbull’s mouth.”  I’m sorry for all your problems, of course, but now that I’ve made a big deal out of retiring the design (and making it a COLLECTOR’S ITEM!) I can’t go back on my word.JazzPickleShirts#1

Go here to fix yourself up real good with one of these rare shirts. As of this writing, you’ll own a piece of Bizarro memorabilia that less than 300 other people in the entire world will own! (Yes, I’ve sold some to foreigners so the shirts will be spread out all over the planet, limiting your chance of showing up at a party wearing the same shirt as someone else to 702,547,666,890 to one.*)

*This is an approximate number I arrived at by typing randomly.JazzPickleT02WEB

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