2 thoughts on “December 15, 2017

  1. As usual, no one can actually ‘prove’ that the 2016 Presidential election was rigged or hacked by anyone, anywhere. On top of that, the Electoral College elects the President, not the “We the People”, so at the end of the day our “individual votes” don’t really amount to a whole lot.

    • I disagree with two of your points: we can easily prove that Russians flooded FB with fake news against Clinton and favoring Trump. Completely fake, demonstrably an attempt to sway people’s vote and it obviously worked; the election was so close that every little thing that happened had an impact. Regarding whether our individual votes matter, again, it is painfully obvious from this past election that if more than 58% of eligible voters had voted, it would have changed the outcome. Yes, the electoral college is a highly debatable system that waters down some votes and strengthens others, but I don’t think you can make a case that individual votes don’t matter. That kind of mentality is what leads to such low voter turnout and the lower the turnout, the easier it is to sway and the more likely it is that a dangerous idiot like Trump gets in.

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