3 thoughts on “December 17, 2013

  1. I was just sent this by a friend. Could this quite possibly be the greatest pun/play on words of all time?

    I mean, seriously! It’s THREE-FOLD.

    He’s spouting prepositions = grammar.
    He’s referencing vague sex positions before having sex = “pre-positioning” her.
    “Are you prepositioning me?” = sounds like “propositioning me”… for sex.

    My jaw was too busy hitting the floor too laugh when I read this one. Absolutely brilliant, mate. Did this comic receive more attention elsewhere? This should be front-page stuff.

  2. Of course, I just realized that pre-position is kind of inherent in “preposition” as that is basically how it’s broken down in its etymology. So maybe it’s only two fold. But still! Absolutely brilliant.

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