10 thoughts on “February 17, 2017

    • Not unlike the number of Americans who voted for Donny, your opinion is in the extreme minority. An overwhelming number of people worldwide are complimenting me on this cartoon––more even than showed up at Trump’s inauguration, although I admit that isn’t saying much.

      • TRIGGERED!
        Mission accomplished, fool.

        But why stop at a factually challenged ‘reply’ on your obscure website, other than to limit your opinion to sycophants?

        Dan you need to go further than that to make your case. You need to go ‘Full Political’. After all, an overwhelming number of people worldwide would support you. Others might complain to their dying broadsheet editors – maybe even cancel regardless of the impact it’ll have on bird cage liner – but hey, they’re in the extreme minority, right?

        But you won’t. You likely won’t even let this post past the gate.

      • Love it! Barry seems to have a large blind spot when it comes to the faults of ‘Orange-Crested Trumpeters” Keep up the sterling work for a free world and chuckles!

  1. Today’s cartoon was totally disrespectful!
    As a parrot owner, NO parrot would EVER stoop to the level of tweets emanating from Washington DC .
    Thanks Dan, I truly laughed out loud … you made my day this morning.

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