23 thoughts on “February 4, 1996

  1. Did you make the comic, “Misery loves company and she has a chair waiting for you” – a nasty old woman sitting in the living room with a chair next to her? It reminded me of my mother!

  2. You printed a cartoon many years ago of a guy taking a picture of a group of Muslim women totally covered in Burkas and saying something like “Smile”. Is that still around? And if so, are you scared? I’d like to see it again.

  3. This is great! I can’t wait to read all of these on your website. Thank you, Mr. Piraro. I love your Bizarro strips, and your artwork is excellent!

  4. Dan,

    I still haven’t been able to find your funniest comic… It was a defence lawyer shouting in the court room “I object, your Honor! The prosecutor is trying to vilify my client with his melodramatic choking and gasping sounds!” As his client, a crazy eyed man, has the crown attorney pinned to the ground and is strangling him.

    If you don’t have it, you should totally remake it. It was absolutely brilliant!

    By the way, I asked you about that comic a little over 10 years ago . you didn’t know where it was back then but I was drifting through your site and ended up reading about vegetarianism. I was a hard core meat eater and ended up watching meet your meat and gave up most kinds of meat. I’m pescatarian but I avoid dairy and eat very little seafood.

    I have also opened a restaurant as of April 2013. I do serve meat but most of the dinner options start as vegetarian and we do lots of chef table dinner and the bulk of the food is vegetarian.

    I have you to thank for the improved vitalitydand health and you have indirectly made an impact on thousands of people who have reduced their meat consumption and have been tricked into foregoing meat add ons since the vegetarian options are made so well.

    I would love to own a vegan restaurant one day as I know how tough it can be to get great vegan food but I’m working my way towards that one idea at a time.

    Extremely grateful,

    • Thanks for the great note, Shea. I’m very happy you have found some use for my work and opinions and really appreciate your taking the time to tell me! Where is your restaurant?

      P.S. I just looked again and cannot find that cartoon. :^{

  5. Dan,
    I have a yellowed and aged copy of a cartoon published on 12-15-12 called “little Craig’s List”. Being named Craig and born in 1956 I thought this was the most hilarious of all your cartoons. Can you send me a lick to it so I can have a less yellowed and aged copy?


  6. Hi..
    Looking for an old one…

    Someone at the customer service counter wanting to go back to the time they could stay out all night and still make it to work the next morning.
    “Here’s my receipt”


    • Thanks for the note, Laura. I have to admit that doesn’t ring a bell with me so I’m not sure it actually was one of my cartoons. I’ve published over 10,000 cartoons in my 32-year career, so with each year it is more difficult to remember them all. Sorry I can’t be of more help. :^\

  7. Looking for 2 comics;
    1) Man dressed in ridiculous clothing – I think he even had a hat with a helicopter blade. He is on a bicycle (similarly ridiculous decorations) and a policeman is writing a ticket. Caption “Paul gets stopped by the Silly Police”. My daughter and I still say ‘must be a member of the silly police’ when someone gives us the stink eye because we are laughing.
    2) Man standing beating a can on the kitchen counter. Caption “The less it appears you know, the less you have to do”.
    Hope these are as memorable to you as to me.

    • Thanks for the note, Glenda. Sorry to say that neither of these comics are mine, though. No worries; happens all the time. :^}

  8. I recall one of your panels that showed people on the street wearing t-shirts that I thought were hilarious. Do you have any of these shirts for sale? Also, can you find that panel in your archive and post it here?
    Thanks, John

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