2 thoughts on “January 2, 2016

  1. Why does’t your iOS app work anymore (last few months) — it used to be one of the first things I opened every morning — I still go to your website to view the daily comic, but I miss the app.

    • Thanks for the note, Tomer, and sorry for the problems. Here’s what happened: King Features paid a company to develop that app and launched it.  Unbeknownst to us, the app had a bug in it that keeps it from working beyond one year and disallows the user to resubscribe for another year. By the time we discovered this, the company that had developed it went belly up and no longer existed, so there was no one to force to fix it for free.  The app hadn’t sold well enough for King Features to recuperate their initial investment, so they decided not to fund a repair of the app, which would be expensive. I never made a penny off the app and don’t have the money to repair it, either, so, unfortunately,  it’s basically been abandoned. Sorry to have to report this but things sometimes don’t turn out the way we hope. :^\

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