2 thoughts on “May 16, 2017

  1. Regarding your cartoon on 5/16/17 “fish paying fisherman to wack another fish”. In my local yokel newspaper, I counted “2” icons (K2 and the Smiling slice of blueberry pie). However, you put “3”, this drove me crazy (not that anyone would notice) trying to find the third. The only thing I could think of was you inadvertently drew the wrong end of the fish, but of course that wouldn’t make any sense at all. I feel better now that I visited your web site and noticed that you have “2” in your panel. Love your work, I’ve always had a warped sense of humor myself.
    (: > ())

    • Thanks for the note, George. There’s actually more to that story. I recently added a new secret symbol, for the first time since 2000. It’s “O2” and/or the image of Olive Oyl, which is what I call my NearWife online. I’ve used the O2 and image of Olive Oyl for some time as a shout-out to her but I’d not officially added them to the symbols. A few weeks ago I asked her to marry me and at that time, I officially added the symbol and announced it on my weekly blog. However, since my cartoons are submitted four weeks ahead of print date, there was a lag time during which some of the cartoons that had those images in them didn’t get counted in the official number over my signature. I don’t remember doing it but I must have changed the one I posted online but not the one that King published, or something––so that’s how that cartoon ended up with a “2” in some places and a “3” in others. :^} Here’s the page with the full lineup and their meanings, including the new ones. http://bizarro.com/the-secret-symbols/

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