Piraro performs comedy at Montreal Literary Festival

Here’s a short video taped in Montreal at a literary festival back in the 00s sometime. Can’t remember the exact year. This video is a compilation of a few highlights from the show and was created by the talented Frank Sanna. Hope you enjoy!

Watch video here!

Tall Tale Radio with Tom Racine – May 2015

Tom summarizes their discussion: “[Dan talks]…about his recently announced path of riding off into the sunset and retiring from the cartooning rat race after 30 years of top quality work!  Don’t panic too much, as he’s taking his time getting there…probably a couple of years.  But he’s on the road to fine art and retirement from comics, and that’s news enough to have him on to talk about why he’s made this bold announcement.”

Listen to the podcast here!

Tangentially Speaking Podcast with Dr. Christopher Ryan– Jan. 2015

Dan sits down with best-selling author and sex guru Dr. Christopher Ryan (Sex At Dawn) on his tremendously popular podcast, Tangentially Speaking, discussing various topics including art, sex and religion!

Listen to the Podcast here!