Sketch Cards


Original Hand-Drawn Bizarro Sketch Cards


For $150, you can be the proud owner of an official Bizarro Sketch Card, which has a lovely printed design on one side and a completely original, hand-drawn image of whatever-the-hell-was-in-my-head the day I drew it. These are not gag cartoons, nor have they been published in Bizarro. Each drawing is a completely original and one of a kind stream-of-consciousness drawing. No planning, no sketching, just look at a blank card and draw from my subconscious. The cards are 5″x7″ as seen in the photo above. Click the thumbnails below to view the images currently available. Choose one and write to us at to arrange a purchase. PayPal is preferred but other arrangements can be made.

If you’re interested in a purchase, please contact my assistant, or fill out the form below: