Original Non-Bizarro Art


Original NON-BIZARRO paintings and drawings by Dan Piraro

My fine art looks nothing like my cartoons as you can see from these examples. Various mediums, sizes, and prices available.

PiraroFamilyFoodChainWEBFamily Food Chain, 1958…(2004, watercolor, colored pencil, ballpoint pen, 16″ x 12″ on watercolor paper) Seen on page 183 of Bizarro and Other Strange Manifestations of the Art of Dan Piraro (Abrams 2006) ––$800

Fox News Special Report…(2004, watercolor, colored pencil, 13″ x 18″ on watercolor paper) The writing on the painting says: *Fox News Special Report––Giant, Hairy, One-eyed, Atheist, Flag-Burning, Socialist, Godless, Jesus-Hating, Lying, Alcoholic, Terrorist-Sympathizing, Decietful, Tree-Hugging, Liberal, Sin-Loving, Heathen, Intellectual, French, Condescending, Abortion-Supporting, Peacenik, Illegal Alien-Loving, ACLU Member, Hateful, Name-Calling, Transvestite, Communist, Drug-Addicted, AIDS-Carrying, Pot-Smoking, Child-Molesting, Baby-Stealing, Tax-Raising, Buggering Homos to Invade Red States. 

Seen on pages 160 and 161 of Bizarro and Other Strange Manifestations of the Art of Dan Piraro (Abrams 2006) ––$900  SOLD

ParsonWeems'FableReduxWEB.jpgParson Weems’ Fable Redux…(2011, oil on canvas, 36″ x 48″) This work was created with Grant Wood’s famous painting, Parson Weems’ Fable in mind, and is meant to invoke the kind of reverence modern day Tea Party members and the like have for the Founding Fathers. In the small house in the bottom right corner are a man praying and a woman holding her baby up to a window to see the enormous George Washington as he poses with a severed cherry tree. The Grand Canyon appears in the background and the two, square holes in the floorboards of the “stage” mimic the dimensions and orientation of the footprints of the fallen Twin Towers in NYC. ––$8000

Piraro JesusmanToTheRescueWEBJesusman to the Rescue (1994, oil on linen, 40″ x 20″) This painting has been hanging on my walls for two decades and I’m ready to pass it on to you. Like much of my fine art, this piece delves into the connection between religion and the human need for heroes who can surpass our mortal limitations. Featured on page 169 of Bizarro and Other Strange Manifestations of the Art of Dan Piraro (Abrams 2006) ––$5000

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