Big Serpent Crash

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I’m not a fan of people who abuse those in the service industry. As soon as I see someone being rude to a waitperson or counter clerk (unless that person was a jackass first) I write them off as insecure and of low moral standards. If you are that person, I hope the Head Waiter is right behind you. (more…)

Animal Behavior

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“Flashing” ––the practice of being naked under a coat and briefly exposing one’s genitals to strangers––has been a popular hobby among people thus inclined for centuries. But do you remember the brief but stunning national fad of “streaking”? It happened in the early 1970s and entailed one or more people running stark naked (but for running shoes and occasionally a facial disguise) through a public event of some kind. This had long been an occasional activity on college campuses, but in the seventies it became what some people called an “epidemic”. Perhaps the most famous of these heinous displays of degeneracy was when someone ran naked across the stage of a live telecast of The Academy Awards in 1974. Actor David Niven was introducing Elizabeth Taylor when a guy named Robert Opel streaked naked across stage behind him. The most hysterical part of the whole streaking phenomenon was, of course, the effect it had on certain members of society who seemed certain that Western Civilization would come to an end if this kind of thing was allowed to continue. People actually got arrested and prosecuted. Talk about a victimless crime. (more…)