Various Approaches

bz panel 12-16-13bz strip 12-16-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Ginger Bread House.



My old buddy, Dan McConnell has been thinking about fish again and in so doing, came up with this gag idea for me. One can’t help feeling sorry for the poor, struggling fish who has been flushed out of the tank, until one realizes it is not a real fish at all, but a drawing made to look like a fish. This is just part of the magic of panel 12-17-13bz strip 12-17-13












My second cartoon today is a collaboration with my pal, Cliff Harris, the King of Wordplay. Here, as is often the case with Cliff, he is playing with words. For those readers not sufficiently familiar with English to decipher the joke, “preposition” and “proposition” are similar words that mean completely different things. In the grammar world, we call these Soundsimilarisms. bz panel 12-18-13bz strip 12-18-13










My third cartoon, today’s, in fact, finds my known associate,Wayno of Pittsburgh, playing with the classic cartoon canonical cliche of a “fly in the soup.” But wait, what’s this? It isn’t a fly at all! Wayno always has clever things to say about our collaborations so go here and see if he disappoints on this one. My guess is he doesn’t.









REZARRO: My moldy corpse from the archive heap today is from ’08, before many of you reading on your smartphones were even born. I humbly admit that I still love this gag. It was directly inspired by the famous Miss Teen USA contestant and her regrettable answer to a supremely difficult question back in 2007. See the short video here.

Feel sorry for her 04-10-08TexasCapitolWEB

Tearful Reunions

bz panel 10-17-13bz strip 10-17-13Today’s Bizarro is brought to you by Unpleasant Surprises of the Afterlife.

We humans like to think of glorious, emotional reunions with deceased loved ones after we die but what of all the other things you lost during life? Here’s my interpretation of what that might be like.

While drawing this cartoon, I remembered a terrific cartoon by one of the single-panel masters of all time, Sam Gross. See it here.  It was my unworthy pleasure to get to know Sam a bit when I lived in NYC. He’s an endlessly fascinating guy with a NY accent fit for an informer on a cop show from the 70s. Such a brilliant mind.




bz 07-21-01 inner beauty





REBIZARRO: Today’s visit through the archival dungeons of Bizarro International Headquarters was requested by a Jazz Pickle who shall remain nameless. (Because I can’t remember her name.) I still like it after all these years, which I can’t say about all of my cartoons. Artists of all kinds are frequently more critical of their own work than their followers and I hope that’s the case with you Jazz Pickles. :o)