Death Midget Carrion Comedy

(To view this cartoon larger, click the coxswain’s head.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by The Four Horsemen of the Legopalypse.

People on championship rowing teams are in great shape. Maybe even better shape than I am from sitting at my computer all day. But it stands to reason that after they retire, most of them get as fat and lazy as any other top notch athlete. Unlike many sports that have Hall of Fame Games, rowing isn’t something that old fat guys can do without a lot of effort. Luckily in this case, the coxswain is still slender enough to fit into the tiny seat at the back. (It’s not often you get use “coxswain” in a sentence. That was fun.) (more…)

Stingy Air Fingers

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Good day to you, Bizarro Jazz Pickles. It is another beautiful day here in SoCal –– sunny and 70º –– which was a big reason for my moving here, so I’m happy about that. The amount I’m saving on crazy pills (anti-depressants) alone is paying for half of my rent. (more…)

Metamorphosis Balloon

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Okay, so here are two more cartoons. One is about a family in their living room. The other is about a family in the desert. What is this, Family Circus?

I went to a party the other night with an LA buddy of mine. It was the Writers Guild holiday party. Smart, clever, literate people with barely two dimes to rub together. It was fun. He’s a TV writer, so that’s why he gets to go. (more…)

Komic Kavalcade

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I don’t know if there is an “official” name for this trick of combining names that match front-to-back or whatever, but I call it a “name train.” I’ve always thought they were fun so here’s one I hadn’t heard before. If you’re wondering who any of these people are, they can be found on Wikipedia. For you younger readers, Gore Vidal is the guy in the middle. (Who names their baby “Gore,” and why?) (more…)