Existential Warranty

bz panel 10-16-13bz strip 10-16-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Porky Pig.

I’ve always done funeral- and death-related gags, but I’ve noticed I’ve been doing more than usual lately. Maybe it is because I’ve entered into that latter portion of my life where I can imagine the end of my life with more clarity than that vague, “someday” feeling one has when they are younger. Time goes exponentially faster the older you get, so even if I live another 35 years (which would be a very long life so I’m not counting on it) it will seem like the blink of an eye. (more…)

Send in the Clowns

bz panel 06-14-13Bizarro is brought to you by Black Comedy.

In my 185-year career, I have sometimes been criticized for doing funeral gags. Comments like these are usually from readers who had recently lost someone close. I sympathize with them but always remind them that being able to laugh at tragedy is a singularly human trait and one that we use very effectively to temporarily relieve pain and fear. It’s not just a relief to laugh in dark times, it is essential to our sanity. (more…)