Cannibal Ghost Superman Dinner

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Bizarro is brought to you today by Gourmet Dining.

If you haven’t visited a KwikKannibal recently, you should. They have a new sausage sandwich that is filled with ground lips, ears, and nostrils––not the usual penis-on-a-bun that these kinds of places typically have. I recommend it.

My good buddy Cliff The King Of Wordplay came up with this delightful pun and I am pleased to present it to you today. I hope it made you giggle. Buy a print of this cartoon here. (more…)

Humor in Disguise

(To view the above cartoon larger, click on Hitler’s mustache.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by The Power of Eye Wear.

Imagine living in a world like Clark Kent’s, in which disguising oneself was as easy as putting on a pair of glasses. A person could commit a heinous crime, buy a pair of $10 reading glasses at a drugstore and never again even have to look over their shoulder. Want to commit another crime? Just take off your glasses, then put them on again after you’re done. No need for those pesky pantyhose masks or stuffy balaclavas. (more…)