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Bizarro is brought to you today by For Injured Pickles.


It is Wednesday and that means that we can no longer do things on Tuesday of this week. I say that because I planned to get some gardening done on Tuesday, but now I can’t. Still, here’s a gardening cartoon that may make the edges of your mouth move upward a fraction of an inch.










I despise emoticons but I have to admit that I use them because they are truly useful. The manner in which a person says something is so important, which can sometimes be lost in the written word, so it is much easier to avoid being misunderstood if  you attach a stupid, adorable little face at the end of a passage. This is especially helpful to people like me who tend to joke a lot. Before I used emoticons, I was grievously misunderstood on a number of occasions, to my great dismay. Once, I even angered someone to the point that they attempted to kill me and ended up in prison. :^}

I will say that I never use the wink one… ;)   Ugh! Of course, I’ve always hated it when someone says something they think is clever or funny, then winks. Please don’t wink at me, I’m not four.








If you don’t get this joke about the bull comedian, it is likely because you didn’t realize that when a stand-up comic is performing, he/she has a set amount of time allotted. When they are approaching their time limit, a small red light goes on at the back of the club telling them it is time to wrap it up. This cartoon plays on the fabled relationship between bulls and red capes, even though the color of the cape is insignificant to the bull. By the way, in my opinion, bull fighting is perhaps the most barbaric practice still sanctioned by a modern society. Tradition is no excuse for cruelty.  On another side note, that’s me and my precious Olive Oyl in the front row.





BIZARROVERS: From the year 2000, I bring you this golden oldie that I still enjoy. Wear it in good health.bz001006 Clothes WEB

Running For Souls

bz panel 11-22-13bz strip 11-22-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Identity Theft.

There are few things with the enduring humor of someone other than the Pope dressed like the Pope. It’s a simple equation, really: only one person is the world has the “right” to dress in this outfit and that person has claimed supremacy over all other living beings on the planet as the infallible, divine representative of GOD on earth. So to dress as the Pope not only works on the level that outdated, historical costumes work, but also in making a comment about the person’s arrogance or irreverence, or both. I know it is cliche and the shock value of it wore of ages ago, but I still get a kick out of it. Plus, miters (those phalic Pope hats) are fun to draw. On a side note, I am disappointed in myself (especially as a recovering Catholic) that I forgot to draw the streamers on the back of the hat. Here’s what they should have looked like, only blowing in the wind.




BYGONE BIZARRO: Oddly enough, just yesterday a Jazz Pickle asked me about an old cartoon of mine about the same subject. I was able to find it in my tornado-aftermath of an archive and so I can now bring it to you. BZ 09-08-05 standup heaven