Church Murder Bird Poop

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I’ve done a few Batman cartoons wherein I riff on the animal choices for he and Robin’s alter-egos. This suggestion, however, came from my good friend and colleague in cartooning, Dan McConnell. (I’ve asked Dan to double all of the consonants in his first and last name, but he resists.) You can see his original suggestion for this comic here. (more…)

Shrinks, Nuts, Crooks, Tramps, Cons

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As is often the case, my Monday and Tuesday were too busy with Bizarro deadlines for me to post, then I got arrested on Wednesday and was still unable to post, but now I’m out on bail so here at long last are Mon’s, Tues’s, Wed’s and Thurs’s cartoons from this week. (more…)

Fly By

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Since California is a big agricultural state and much of that is fruit, they’re really picky about letting people into the state with food items that might carry some kind of insect that is bad for local crops. I guess fruit flies are the ones I’ve heard most about. They don’t thoroughly search every car so I don’t know how well it works, but it does cause a traffic jam at the borders, which is always a good time to check your email and Twitter feed while you wait. (more…)

Scissor n Roll

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One of my biggest pet peeves is being able to hear music that I did not choose. Be it a boombox, a backyard party, the upstairs neighbor’s stereo, you name it, it bugs the crap out of me. Even if it’s music that I like. There’s just something about being forced to hear music when I didn’t choose to that miffs me. I’m just a cranky SOB that way, I guess. Thus, I can think of few things worse than living next door to a teenage garage band. (more…)

Guess the Guest

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Hey, Jazz Pickles. Remember a while back I went to Yosemite for a week with Klamelda? Well, I was able to do that because by good friend and talented colleague, J.C.Duffy of The Fusco Brothers and TheNew Yorker magazine fame, did a week of cartoons for me. It’s the syndicated cartoon world’s version of a vacation, since we are under contract to provide 7 cartoons per week, 52 weeks per year, forever until we retire or die. We don’t get holidays or sick time or vacation time or time off to breast feed our newborns; we just have to keep cranking out cartoons every florping day until we jump off of a bridge. It’s a white-hot hell. But with the help of J.C., I managed to steal a week of downtime. I could just kiss him. (But I promise not to do it here.) (more…)