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Bizarro is brought to you today by The Least You Can Do.

I’m in my mid-fifties and have been thinking about social media lately. I’ve gone through stages where I didn’t understand it, then I got into it, then I thought it was necessary for my business and getting the most out of life, and now I’m thinking it has nothing to do with my happiness and is likely a detriment to it. Life happens in a much more profound and satisfying way in person and it is actually true that the best things in life are free. I still use it to a small degree, of course, in ways that it facilitates me, but I’ll never be a Twitter Star. I don’t take as many selfies as younger folks, either. I know that selfies are not literally “social media” but they figure in.









I love this clown cartoon but it just occurred to me that I made a grievous drafting error: the toilet has no seat. I have brought shame to my entire village.













My final cartoon this week (before Sunday’s) is also about my philosophical musings about technology. Here’s a guru who is presumably trying to discover the true nature of existence and all he can do is fret over the speed of his Internet. The mountaintop guru is a terrific cartoon motif for exploring the truths of human society and I’ve used it again and again. And I’ll use it again. I just wrote a good one yesterday, in fact, that will appear in Bizarro in mid-to-late July.






JAZZ PICKLE JAR: Here’s a guru cartoon from 2002, though he has chosen the driver’s seat of a city bus rather than a mountaintop. I changed the name of the bus’s destination as a little shout-out to my regular readers. bz 05-10-02 Bus Guru




Community Tastebuds

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I could swear I’ve done this gag before but I couldn’t find any evidence of it so here it is either again or for the first time.

I’ve always wondered why people ask a waiter which dish he/she likes better. Few things are as subjective as the way food tastes in one’s mouth.



bz 06-13-00 divorcePREZARROS: Here, from 2000, is an old favorite waiter gag of mine. Written in part from personal experience, not as a waiter but as a two-time divorcee.

Identity Thieves

bz panel 06-05-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Couples Who Look Alike.

They say that if a couple is together long enough, they begin to look like each other. The couple in this cartoon has taken that to another level.

The truth is that because of a biological phenomenon called “imprinting” (which occurs in most species) we tend to be attracted to people whose faces resemble those we imprinted on when we were infants. That is most often a family member, so we grow up unknowingly being attracted to people with similar coloring and facial organization as ourselves. When people get old, they lose their sexuality to some degree and men and women look more androgynous, at which point, elderly couples can often look like siblings. Now, before people start writing in saying, “Not true. My husband is a 300-pound black man and I am a 79-pound, blonde eskimo,” I’m not talking about every single couple. It’s just a rule of thumb and once you learn it, you’ll begin seeing it in the couples around you, young and old. Maybe even in your own relationships.

My SpecialLadyFriend, Klamelda, and I are textbook examples. I didn’t notice it at first but now that I see us in pictures together, there is a definite resemblance. Example here.

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