Reeling It In

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Lately I’ve been doing some pretty realistic images for my cartoons. I don’t know why I’ve always been a fan of realism, perhaps it is simply the challenge of fooling the eye. As a contrast, I’ve posted a cartoon of mine from 1998 below, when I was in a period in which I was deliberately stepping away from realism and into much more cartoony-looking images. At the time, I intended to stay in that mode indefinitely but I found that I gradually drifted back toward realism over time, almost without noticing. Obviously, different gags require different styles of drawings and I think the one about ice fishermen above benefits from the realism whereas the one below might seem awkward if it were realistic. Still, I’m interested in what you Jazz Pickles think of these two different styles.  Which do you guys generally prefer: my realistic images or my very cartoony ones?biz11tsl (more…)

Four for Fun

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I don’t have a lot of time today to pontificate (everyone say “Awwww”) so here are a bunch of cartoons with brief notes to catch us up to date.

Robot: Some people may not recognize Rosie the Robot from The Jetsons, but that’s her. The pic she’s holding up is one of those robots that goes room to room cleaning your floor. I suspect most people buy them to see how their cat will react. This gag came from my colleague, Wayno. Here’s his story about it. (more…)