Six Smiles

bz panel 09-29-14bz strip 09-29-14bz panel 09-30-14bz strip 09-30-14bz panel 10-01-14bz strip 10-01-14bz panel 10-02-14bz strip 10-02-14bz panel 10-03-14bz strip 10-03-14bz panel 10-04-14bz strip 10-04-14Bizarro is brought to you today by Being Your Own Pet.

It’s been a busy week at Rancho Bizarro and I didn’t even fully realize I hadn’t posted any cartoons since last Sunday until this morning. Crazy, daddio. I’m still working as the host/narrator of FOX TV’s Utopia, which has kept me pretty busy. I don’t know how long the gig will last but it sure has been fun to work on. It’s already led to other opportunities, which is terrific. One notable one is that the Coen brothers are planning a live-action version of Snow White and I’m being seriously considered for the role of Creepy, an eighth dwarf they added specifically for me. Wish me luck! (more…)

Clown Assault Capabilities

Feel free to look at a larger version of this cartoon by clicking the clown’s welder’s mask.

Bizarro is brought to you today by Weapons of the 1950s.

Today’s offering is another collaboration with my “known associate”, Wayno. He likes cartoons about clowns and often uses this seltzer-bottles-and-pies-as-clown-weapons motif. I added some extra humor to the drawing wherever I could and had a lot of fun doing so. Although I dislike clowns in person, especially when they are not confined to a stage and can enter my personal space, I love clown gags and drawing clowns in general. They’re much more fun to draw than to watch, in my opinion. (more…)