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Pyro Pussy

bz panel 01-15-14bz strip 01-15-14Bizarro is brought to you today by Middle Children Taste Best.

My favorite thing about this cartoon is the way the characters are drawn. The hipster girl and her trendy, hipster, nerd boyfriend/husband have a certain look that I recognize and that’s always gratifying as an artist. I often have no particular kind of person in mind when I begin to draw a character but somehow it begins to head in a certain direction and I follow it. (more…)


bz panel 12-02-13bz strip 12-02-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Where’s the Baby?

I’ve been remiss lately in keeping my blog completely current so I’m going to do some catching up today.

This gag about a hair salon reminds me of the hair salon my mother went to in the 70s, when I was a teenager. She loved her hairdresser, Phillip, and thought he was just the funniest, coolest guy; so easy to talk to. She couldn’t believe that a good-looking man with such a great personality had never been married, even though he was in his early forties. (more…)

Dog Days Cat Nights

(To witness this cartoon getting bigified before your very eye(s), click on the lightbulb.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by Pet Connections.

I’ve lived with cats and with dogs and I like them both, but for very different reasons. Cats are much easier house guests since they don’t mind being left alone, they don’t have to be walked, and they don’t require too much attention. Unless you object to house guests who shred your furniture with their claws. Dogs are better if you want an excuse to get outside everyday whether it’s freezing cold and raining or not, if you like to play fetch and other games with non-human animals, and if you want a lot of one-on-one face time with someone who understands your  language but can’t speak a word of it. They both have their benefits and most people find life more enjoyable with a companion animal or twelve. (more…)

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