Dept. of Depp

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Okay, I’m going to slip one more post in before I crawl under the house for the evening. Here we have a dry cleaner gag, of which I’ve done many, but this one is different because it also features JOHNNY DEPP!! 

For reals, though, the dry cleaner near my house in LA has tons of signed autographs of celebrities on the wall. So does the little mail shop and the shoe repair shop and just about every shop in all of LA. Because celebrities live here and they have to buy stuff just like the rest of us. But it’s usually not the A-list celebrities whose pictures are on the walls, they have peons for that kind of thing. It’s usually the guy who hosted The Price is Right when Bob Barker was in the hospital––people like that. (more…)

Hot Guber Fish Filth

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I’m guessing the water cooler talk this week was most often about the U.S. presidential election. I resisted expressing my views on politics this year on my blog because I don’t like offending my readers who vote differently that I do. That said, I was struck on election night by the fact that the large crowd at Romney’s event was at least 99% white. No matter how many camera angles they shot––close ups, wide shots––I saw nothing but white faces. Conversely, at Obama’s event, I didn’t see a single camera angle in which I could not see whites, blacks, latinos, asians, eskimos, you name it. And they showed a LOT of crowd shots over the two or three hours before the president made his speech. Regardless of what a random pundit on Fox News might tell you, a crowd that large cannot be planned and organized. My conclusion is that this year’s Democratic platform appealed to a wide variety of Americans, while this year’s Republican platform was pretty clearly about rich (white) captains of industry and restricting women’s and LGBT people’s rights. I’m speaking in generalities, of course, you’re welcome to come to your own conclusions. Either way, I’m hoping for some good things to happen in America in the coming years. (more…)