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(For the looking at it bigger, click the any wheel on the orange tricycle.)

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I’m not a big fan of Xmas, what with the hideously ugly decorations and lights, and the unbearably obnoxious songs and commercials. A couple of decades ago I gave up giving or expecting cards or gifts at this time of year, seeing the holiday primarily as a department-store construct that has succeeded in putting social pressure on most people to buy stuff they can’t afford for people who don’t need it. And since I’m neither a fan nor a devotee of any religion, it has no meaning for me in that context, either. But, since there’s no getting rid of it now, to at least make it a little more interesting, I’m going to suggest we combine Xmas with Halloween. If you see me on the street this December, please wish me a “scary Xmas.” (more…)

Prestidigitation Prophet









(For an Easter-basket-sized look at this cartoon, click the crazy doggy.)

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When I scheduled this cartoon to run on this date (six weeks ago) I had no idea it would be Ancient Jewish Magician Day, or “Easter” as many people call it. That’s why it features a werechihuahua instead of a werebunny. (more…)

Easter Mutts

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It is another exciting Easter weekend, when Punxsutawney Jesus comes out of his tomb and looks for his shadow to see if we’ll have six more weeks of damnation. For those readers who find this to be an inappropriate or irreverent association between two holidays, ask yourself how in hell a giant painted-egg-hiding rabbit found its way into the modern religious holiday about the resurrection of Jesus. More about that in a moment. (more…)