Bizarro Original Art for Sale

This week finds some


at eBay. It’s one of my favorite gags and has some pretty nifty artwork and a hand-drawn color guide that went to the printer with it. Check it out here––bid often and generously!

The images below are what’s for sale. Go to the eBay page for larger versions with more detail. Thanks! (more…)

Original Bizarro Art

Dang, Jazz Pickles, it’s been a busy day here at Bizarro International Headquarters. This is my last post of the day, I promise. (Not that anyone else cares how many times I post in a day.)

Just wanted to tell you there’s a swell piece of my original Bizarro art on ebay till next Tuesday. This one is a 1996 Sunday cartoon image, so it’s nice ‘n’ big, and it includes one of my rare hand-crafted color guides, which is how I communicated what CMYK colors went where to the printers,  before I could color my own cartoons on Photoshop and send them the file. (more…)

Original Art for Sale

Like a big doofus (which, according to my exes I am, and a few other things, too) I completely forgot to post this week’s original Bizarro art sale on eBay. This auction only lasts until sometime Tuesday, so hurry on over there and bid.

This is one of my elaborate restaurant scenes with the gag “hidden” in the background. There are lots of good icons in it, some pretty good character faces, if I may be immodest, and one of my rare cameos as the diner at the extreme right. This art will instantly make your home the envy of all who visit––except other people who own Bizarro original art or something even cooler, like Michael Jackson’s taxidermied body or the head of Karl Rove under a glass dome. (more…)