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I recently tried one of those virtual reality (VR) goggle devices that the inventors have come up with and it was––as advertised––almost like reality. And reality, as those of you who have suffered through the mind-numbing dullness of everyday life for as long as I have know, is highly overrated. But now, for the price of a handful of hallucinogens, you can strap a cell phone onto your face and watch any number of animations and videos that will make you believe (not really) that you are in a world other than where you actually are, if you believe the traditional narrative about “reality” in the first place.

I found the experience only mildly interesting, but it did give me the idea for this cartoon. I don’t know if a live-action VR event like the one above is yet possible but if not, it will be soon and people will have VR weddings and when the audience looks at the celebrants they’ll see an awesome warrior and a bunny princess being married by a bullfrog in a space suit or something. I’m looking forward to it being an improvement on traditional weddings, during which I always have to fight not to audibly scoff when the bride and groom promise to remain sexually faithful and in deep love with each other for the rest of their lives. Especially if they are under forty years old. But, as the saying goes, your first couple of marriages are the ones with the greatest learning opportunities.

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Now here’s a group that could benefit immensely from virtual reality goggles: voyeurs. Entire programs could be based on the peeping Tom concept and people could indulge in their hobby without infringing on the privacy of real people (again, assuming you believe in reality) or risking arrest. I’ve just been told this is already being done. Of course it is.

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One of my buddies who makes up half of the cartooning team known as Mustard and Boloney asked me why I spelled the lunchmeat in question the way I did. The answer is that I don’t know. I might have been having a mental episode of some kind. And why my editor didn’t change it is another point of puzzlement. These are the kinds of events that make me question reality in the first place.

The popular pink meat-like goo is named for the town of Bologna, Italy, (pronounced buh-lone-ya) but Americans had trouble not pronouncing the “G” like an American, so it morphed into buh-lone-ee and eventually lunchmeat companies changed the spelling to match the pronunciation. Presumably. I didn’t look this up, I’m just guessing, but I’ve found that if you do that with enough sincerity, people will believe you. (See Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.) So, since it’s a recently made-up word, there seems to be an anything-goes attitude toward the spelling. You can find it on the Interwebs spelled a number of different ways, including “poloney”. What?! Yes. I know. It’s like “busketti” being an accepted spelling of “spaghetti,” just because three-year-olds sometimes pronounce it that way.

bz panel 07-27-16

Here’s a cartoon I find delightful. I did’t have a specific haircut in mind when I drew this but it seems to me that very trendy haircuts are routinely things that would be ridiculed in another time. Okay, I did have a specific haircut in mind and it’s this one.  

I mean, it’s fine. Definitely not the stupidest hairstyle in human history (because this one is) but it just looks too much like a napping mammal for my taste.

bz panel 07-28-16

I love the simplicity of this UFO cartoon. This is a fully-realized version of my trademark Bizarro alien, the one who hides in the backgrounds and corners of many of my cartoons as one of my Secret Symbols. But that isn’t really his usual spaceship.


bz panel 07-29-16

My favorite thing about this cartoon is the relative size of the trophy head to the mosquito’s den. Of course, those of you with more highly developed senses of spatial relationships will notice the scale is not accurate; the mosquitoes are too large in comparison to the human head. But this is what we call artistic license. Note also that the pictures on the walls are various human body parts that mosquitoes find delicious.

bz panel 07-30-16

Since I started this blog post with a discussion of what “reality” is, let’s bookend it with this cartoon. Can a human being know things about a non-human animal (or another human) that they have not been told?  Psychics (pet and otherwise) and their customers (the human ones) believe they can. I am unconvinced. Which reality do you live in?

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DNA Hippo Can Bellbottoms

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It’s Saturday, so I’m posting the silliness exhibited in Bizarro since Thursday. If that confuses you, consult your local calendar expert. I have no specific comments to make about any of them. I know, it is rare.






































REZARRO: From Bizarro of 1998, I offer you this other bit of foolishness that has deep, hidden meaning. Let me know if you figure out what it is so I’ll have a good answer should someone ask.bizarro981002WEB

Saggy Cat

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It’s been over 20 years now that I’ve been expecting the baggy pants fad (or “rodeo clown look”) to fade but I remain unsatisfied. In thinking about this amusing fashion, I wondered if other generations have had similar problems. Voila! A cartoon.





BIZARRO OF THE LIVING DEAD: As part of my regular habit of offering vintage cartoons to you, I give you this portrait from 2000 of a woman licking a cat. I hope it pleases you. bizarro 04-23-00 CatGroomerWEB

Power of Gravity

Bizarro 02-11-07 hedrWEBBizarro 02-02-14 WEBBizarro is brought to you today by Sunday Morning Breakdancing.

OMG! I just posted my Sunday cartoon from next month, which also falls on the 2nd, because of the screwy thing about February missing a couple days. Dang! I’m really really really not supposed to do that. So I took it down after my buddy, Museum Guard Bob, called me, so if you saw it, forget it. If you copied it, please don’t forward or post it anywhere.

Instead, how about we have a look at TODAY’S cartoon? It’s all about pants, past and future. It occurred to me one day that men’s waistlines have been more-or-less constantly moving south since the 1940s and thus the idea for this cartoon was born. Even though it’s been going on for more than a generation now, I continue to be amazed that the falling-down-baggy-rodeo-clown pants fad is still going strong. As utterly foolish as the look is, I do sort of hope that I’m completely correct in my prediction here. I can’t wait to see people shuffling around with their pants around their ankles as though they were surprised by a fire alarm while using the toilet.

You may also notice that I attempted to predict other fashion trends here, like hairdos, shirts, and shoes. I have no vested interest in any of these coming true. Although, one of Ozzie Osbourne’s daughters dyed her hair gray not long ago, so I have always wondered if kids might someday begin shaving their heads to look like bald, old men. That would be funny.


Prisoner of Humor

Bizarro is brought to you today by Wayno.

Here is Day Two of Wayno’s week-long commandeering of Bizarro.If you missed the story behind my having a Guest Cartoonist this week, read this previous post.

I love the wordplay here and enjoy anything that skewers high fashion. The fact that a given fashion “designer” can cover an object with their own ugly logo and millions of robotic humans will mistake it for attractive has long been a mystery to me. I don’t carry a purse, but if I did, I’d go for something more like the one in this cartoon, or this one.

Which brings to my mind the subject of prison outfits. They used to be striped, presumably so that if they escaped, you could spot them easily. This system was devised at a time when everyone wore “normal” clothing. Nowadays, no matter what you put prisoners in, you could not immediately pick them out of a crowd.

And what of this road sign, seen on American highways near prisons? When I see these things I wonder what the proper course of action is if I should see a hitchhiker. Should I drive past the hitchhiker because he might be an escaping inmate? Swerve and hit him, thus helping out the local authorities? Or should I pick him up in case he is escaping inmates who are chasing him. What would you do?

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