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bz panel 12-04-14bz strip 12-04-14bz panel 12-05-14bz strip 12-05-14bz panel 12-06-14bz strip 12-06-14Bizarro is brought to you today by Man with Huge Wiener.

So I was thinking what would happen if Adam and Eve’s neighbors happened by just as they were standing naked together, talking to a snake and eating a piece of “forbidden” fruit. Now, I know in the classic version there were no neighbors because Adam and Eve were the first humans, but according to the same story, they had a couple of sons, Cain and Able, and one of them grew up and got married. So where did his bride come from? This leads me to believe that either this is a traditional myth used to teach a certain lesson, or incest was okay for a very long time (until there were enough people to find someone to mate with to whom you were not very closely related.)  Ew. I’m going to assume it is a myth.

Wife Glutton Web Call

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This is a pretty strange comic, I admit. The back story is that one of the cliches in the cartoon canon is the premise showing a guy in a bar telling someone his wife doesn’t understand him. I’ve used this motif before here and here and probably a few other times, too. In this case, I had three gags in my sketchbook based on the same cliche and decided to use them all in one cartoon. Why the last guy has a piece of toast shoved in his mouth is anyone’s guess. I welcome your suggestions. (more…)