Cannibal Ghost Superman Dinner

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Bizarro is brought to you today by Gourmet Dining.

If you haven’t visited a KwikKannibal recently, you should. They have a new sausage sandwich that is filled with ground lips, ears, and nostrils––not the usual penis-on-a-bun that these kinds of places typically have. I recommend it.

My good buddy Cliff The King Of Wordplay came up with this delightful pun and I am pleased to present it to you today. I hope it made you giggle. Buy a print of this cartoon here.











And here’s a fun take on ghosts from my friend Michael Roth, who lives in Germany where ghosts are much more common than here in Los Angeles, where I live. And many of them are wrinkly, evidently. Buy a print of this cartoon here.













I’m not sure if this gag works the way I wanted it to. It was supposed to be about Superman as a kid, using his ability to fly to catch wild ducks for dinner. Now that I see it again, I’m not sure it’s any good. The good news is that I just submitted a different Superman gag that I think is really good. It will appear in papers on September 6, so keep your eye(s) peeled. Buy a print of this cartoon here.








Pazz Jickles: And now, Jazz Pickles, feast your eyes on this cannibal gag from 2001 in which everyone’s favorite celeb meets her doom. bz 06-15-01 MarthaWEBOr does she?!














Scary Cotton

bz panel 09-03-13ghostbz strip 09-03-13ghostsBizarro is brought to you today by Ghosts In Training.

I don’t believe in ghosts or anything supernatural, but if after I die I discover that I do have the ability to haunt people, I’m definitely going to wear a bed sheet with eye holes cut out of it. The look on people’s faces when confronted with a howling bed sheet in the middle of the night would be priceless. Horror? Confusion? Amusement? A strobe of all three would be best, as far as I’m concerned.

Sadly, this won’t happen, though. Apart from there just being no reason or logic behind anything ghostly, Harry Houdini promised he’d come back as a spirit if there was any way possible and he never did. If Houdini couldn’t do it, no one can. Yes, I’m disappointed, too. I was going to have a contest on my blog to determine which of my Jazz Pickles would one day be hosting me in their bed chamber.





PAZZ JICKLES (past giggles): Did I need the parenthetical clarification on that title? Probably not, so next time I’ll omit it. Today’s chuckle from 2007 is something of a puzzle which asks you to identify the ghosts I’ve drawn. Here’s a listing to rank yourself:

1 Correct: So what?

2-3 Correct: You’re smarter than the average bed sheet.

4-15 Correct: You are such a liar.

(To view the image larger, click on the American flag!)

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