Oozing Helmet Plague

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So sorry to all of you who depend on reading my blog regularly to be able to sleep at night. I’ve been busy as a monkey with too many bananas lately and my blogging schedule has taken a hit. Don’t be angry with me, I’m punishing myself plenty enough for both of us. (more…)

End-of-Year Rodent

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This week begins another guest cartoonist week by Wayno. As you readers “in the know” know, newspaper cartoons (other than editorial ones) are typically done weeks ahead of time. Back in November when I was preparing to leave NYC, I needed to get way ahead on deadlines to clear some time for myself to pack, move, find a new place, move in, find my art supplies and computer, and get started working again. During that time, it was a huge help to have Wayno barf up another week of cartoons for me. Thanks, pal. So from now through Sunday, Jan 1, you’ll see some of his crazy cartoon concoctions. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed not having to create them. (more…)

Wayno World

Today’s Bizarro is brought to you by A Guest Caroonist.

A few months ago, I employed my good buddy and favorite collaborator, Wayno, to do a week of cartoons for me as a guest cartoonist. He refused at first but then I showed him the pictures I had a private investigator take of him and Jim Davis frolicking together on a nude beach in the Caribbean, and he relented. This kind of trickery is the only way a cartoonist like myself can get time off. Syndicated folks like me have to provide 365 cartoons each year for decades on end without rest. If I were to submit reruns for a week and take some time off, many of my client editors would run replacement strips instead, thus risking losing my place in that paper permanently. In this economy (and with my meager income) I can’t risk that. (more…)