Guru Saucy DVD Crash

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What this cartoon does not show is the guru’s Craigslist ad. Here it is: “Lonely old geezer seeks topless housekeeper for cave tidying. Must be willing to accept karma as payment.” (Get a print of this cartoon.)















Here’s one of my favorite gags in a while. Possibly because I’m a big fan of medical marijuana and the concept of governments outlawing plants on the basis of corporate propaganda makes my head explode. Is there no end to the idiocy of the human race? No, there isn’t. (Get a print of this cartoon.) (more…)

Selfie Sample Guru Bus

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I’m in my mid-fifties and have been thinking about social media lately. I’ve gone through stages where I didn’t understand it, then I got into it, then I thought it was necessary for my business and getting the most out of life, and now I’m thinking it has nothing to do with my happiness and is likely a detriment to it. Life happens in a much more profound and satisfying way in person and it is actually true that the best things in life are free. I still use it to a small degree, of course, in ways that it facilitates me, but I’ll never be a Twitter Star. I don’t take as many selfies as younger folks, either. I know that selfies are not literally “social media” but they figure in. (more…)

Bouncing Wisdom

Bizarro 05-26-13 WEB










(To experience the bouncing guru at a largerer size, click the hiker’s backpack.)

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I’m bitter about “bouncy castles” like the one seen in this cartoon because they didn’t exist when I was a child. All we had was Pin the Tail on the Donkey, which we knew was boring even before anything more exciting had been invented. Attempting to find some way to spice it up, I asked my mom if we could blindfold a kid, put the pin in his hand, then substitute the donkey poster for a real donkey.  My mom wouldn’t let us do that, partly because it would be cruel to the donkey and dangerous for the temporarily blind child standing behind it poking it in the butt with a pin, but also because we didn’t have a donkey. According to her, my dad was the only ass for miles around and he didn’t want to play. (more…)