Not All Dogs Go To Heaven

(If you’re feeling like some embiggenation, click the dog-man’s handcuffs.)

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Hummus Birds

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(To address the desire to see this picture grow more biggified, click the alien spacecraft disguised as a BBQ.)

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When sketching this gag, I thought to myself, “What kind of backyard should I draw?” I quickly decided to draw the backyard of my parents house in Tulsa. It’s where I grew up, of course. I must say that even though I did it entirely from memory, it looks pretty damned accurate. My parents have added a screened-in porch now but this is pretty much the way it looked for many years. I should hasten to add that that is not my mother standing at the doorway. At least, it doesn’t look much like her. My mother is is well over six feet tall, African American, and wears very long dreadlocks. (more…)