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Bizarro 12-06-15 hdrWEB

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Bizarro 12-06-15 WEB

Bizarro is brought to you today by Bizarro Nativity Scene 2011.

I have an OCD issue with music. At almost all times when I am awake, a song is playing in my head and it drives me nuts. So drawing this cartoon (and typing this post about it) is a painful experience because I cannot stop that horrible song about the Island of Misfit Toys from playing on a loop. All I have to do is look at this picture and I hear the music. Unfortunately, looking away from the picture does not make it stop. Accordingly, I have no tolerance for any of those Xmas TV specials I grew up with; they haunt me.


bz panel 10-31-13bz strip 10-31-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Really Scary Costumes.

It is officially Halloween today, so have some fun. Why not start out with a romp in the yard with Woof Man? He’s cute, cuddly, full of energy and dog saliva, and is just so darned happy to see you he can barely contain his urine. (more…)