Conception Insect Porn Planet

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Like most decent people, I have no idea where I was conceived. It was in Kansas City, Missouri, that’s the most I can say. If I belonged to the society mentioned in this cartoon, however, my name might be K.C. Apartmentbuilding or Sambo’s Parkinglot. I have no idea and I don’t want to know. (more…)

See-Um-Syrup Wedding

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An important film in 1967 was The Graduate. If you did not know this, find out about it; there’s a hole in your education. After you’ve found out about it, find out about Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup, then read this cartoon. When all of that prerequisite knowledge is in place, I believe you will find that this cartoon will change the shape of your mouth in a positive way. (Another thing that might have the same effect is the fact that someone did this to their child. (more…)