Silent Security


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Today’s cartoon has 8 secret symbols and a handful of background gags that are fun, so you’ll want to embiggenate it. (My favorite background gag is the truck.) The main gag is a bit of a populist joke––to borrow an oft-used term of late––because most people seem to dislike the cliche, public street mime, the sort I’ve depicted here. I’ve long been on record as a person who finds that clowns, mimes, and street performers of all kinds just make me uncomfortable. I go out of my way to avoid and ignore them. My apologies to any readers who are street performers. I don’t mean to disparage your chosen career or hobby, it just doesn’t work for me. Kind of like door-to-door evangelists.

Shrinks, Nuts, Crooks, Tramps, Cons

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As is often the case, my Monday and Tuesday were too busy with Bizarro deadlines for me to post, then I got arrested on Wednesday and was still unable to post, but now I’m out on bail so here at long last are Mon’s, Tues’s, Wed’s and Thurs’s cartoons from this week. (more…)


Bizarro is brought to you today by Future Criminals of America.

This cartoon is, of course, a parody of the classic “good cop, bad cop” routine. If you’re not an aficionado of crime dramas or have never been arrested for a major crime and interrogated, it goes something like this: A tough cop begins the interrogation and roughs the suspect up a bit, screaming and yelling and pretending he’s going to go postal, then a nicer cop steps in, stops him, and says something like, “Look, I can’t control this guy forever, you’d better give me a little info to settle him down or I can’t guarantee your safety. Here’s a cigarette and a Coke.” The bad guy frightens the crook, the nice guy gets him to talk. (more…)