Vengeance Isolation Evil

bz panel 05-09-14bz strip 05-09-14bz panel 05-10-14bz strip 05-10-14Bizarro is brought to you today by Just Do It.

As I knew I would, I got more than a few questions about the meaning of this cartoon. Many seem to have assumed that the man to the left of the king is Christopher Columbus. He is not, he’s just a member of the court dressed the way those guys used to dress. (more…)

Drunken Veggies

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As a vegan, I enjoy a good salad bar from time to time, though I don’t frequent them. They are pretty boring, for sure. For some reason, the idea of what it would take to be a really amazing salad bar popped into my mind and this joke followed shortly thereafter. I’m very happy with the way the veggie characters turned out in the drawing. Also, along with having NINE secret symbols hidden therein, there is a Jazz Pickle, too, which isn’t one of my official symbols. Give yourself 75 bonus points if you find all nine, plus the pickle. (more…)

Sunday Punnies #26

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Thanks for dropping by my blog, can I get you something to drink? Let’s see what we have…(go to your own refrigerator and look inside.) How’s this? (Grab something you like.)  If you’re here to find out how you can submit your original pun idea(s) for a future Bizarro, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re here to solve the European debt crisis, probably not. (more…)