Come Meet Me

strippedHey, Jazz Pickles! This Wednesday night I’ll be at the Los Angeles premiere of this movie about newspaper comics. Lots of prominent cartoonist are in it, and also me. After the movie, I’ll be onstage with the director and some other folks from the film. I’ll also hang out after that to say hello to you personally and take pictures with you if you care. (more…)

Ears, Apes, Magic, Poker

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Anyone with a roommate – be they married, shacking up, related, or just sharing the rent – will want a pair of removable ears. They are still in the developmental stage, but I hope to have them on the market by late next year. The perfect gift for anyone of any age. We all have someone who’s voice grates like a chainsaw through sheet metal. (more…)

See-Um-Syrup Wedding

Bizarro is brought to you today by Todd the Dinosaur.

An important film in 1967 was The Graduate. If you did not know this, find out about it; there’s a hole in your education. After you’ve found out about it, find out about Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup, then read this cartoon. When all of that prerequisite knowledge is in place, I believe you will find that this cartoon will change the shape of your mouth in a positive way. (Another thing that might have the same effect is the fact that someone did this to their child. (more…)

Armless Alien

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This week is a big deal on the Western religious landscape. Passover starts on Monday, celebrated by people who believe a messiah is coming to save them one day, and Easter is celebrated next weekend by people who believe that same messiah has come and gone and will come again. (You think that’s confusing? Read something about Mormonism some time.) For all I know, the Muslims have something going this time of year, too. The Big Three monotheisms grew from the same root, so there are often similarities other than large groups of people who believe they are the favorite of an invisible magic person in the sky. (more…)