Fear Fear Mob

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In spite of the look of this cartoon, it actually has nothing to do with politics. I’m not making a comment about Republicans here, only using their logo because it is an elephant and peanuts would logically be afraid of elephants. Any botanist will tell you that peanuts are known for their logic. I stay away from politics much more these days than I used to because it’s such a disheartening subject. (more…)

Anthropomorphic Adopted Son

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As I mentioned earlier this week, I was raptured last Saturday night and now reside in Heaven, but they have Internet so I can still produce cartoons and upload them to King Features for syndication. Heaven isn’t what they led me to believe it would be in the Sunday School coloring books of my childhood. In Heaven, everyone gets to rule their own city and everything is always on sale. Here’s mine. (more…)