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My life is getting exponentially busier lately and I barely have time to post. In fact, I don’t have time today but I am crowbarring it into my schedule like John Goodman into a pair of Spankx.

Here are the cartoons I’ve published since I last posted. This first one is about an app that my iPhone came with. It runs whenever I’m not using it and reminds me each time I take it out of my pocket how empty life is. (sigh)

When I was a kid, I liked to put together monster models and paint them. I had Wolfman, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Phantom of the Opera, Frankenstein‘s monster, Dracula, and some others I can’t remember now.  I’d still have them, except that each 4th of July my siblings and cousins and I were each given a big bag of explosives and told to go play outside. We subsequently blew up all of our toys. Things were different then. There was no such thing as a bike helmet and playgrounds were made of asphalt.

There’s a 3 Stooges movie out so I made this cartoon. I did not see the movie, but I am guessing it has some slapstick in it. I liked The 3 Stooges when I was a kid but do not currently like them well enough to see the movie. Maybe later on DVD.

Our next offering today is a fairly predictable gag but I’ve not seen it anywhere. It’s always fun to create anything the way Picasso might have, so it was fun to draw. The original idea came from my known associate, Wayno, who lives in Pittsburgh. Apparently, he was inspired by an actual business called Picasso Auto Body outside of Pittsburgh. I suspect they don’t do this to cars but if they did and the result was still drivable and street legal, I might give them a try. See the actual storefront and his original sketch in Wayno’s cleverly-titled blog post about our collaboration.

As we now know, Neanderthals were not actually an early version of us, but another limb on our evolutionary tree. We may, in fact, have driven them to extinction. It seems humans have always innately despised anyone different from their own kind. In modern times, we still apply this impulse to all kinds of creatures when we rationalize cruelty to people of other races or religions, foreigners, homosexuals, non-human animals, etc. My theory is that this kind of behavior stemmed from the obvious evolutionary benefit of being suspicious towards people not from our own tribe. These days, however, that same they’re-not-like-us view leads to war, bigotry, torture, slavery, factory farm techniques, you name it. Next time you find yourself thinking this way, remind yourself you’re not a caveman. Unless you are.

But back to the cartoon, neanderthals were definitely favorite customers of primitive barbers because they were so much hairier and could thus be charged more. In fact, anthropologists have found incontrovertible evidence that neanderthals were kept as slaves by barber schools and used for training new students. Some escaped and continued to breed and their descendants can occasionally be spotted on a beach.

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Erect Bum House









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A reader from New Zealand wrote to me and asked me to post her favorite comic of mine from years ago. I think this cartoon may have been published in Scandinavia at some point so maybe she saw it there or in a past episode of this blog. Not sure. So here it is, in all its glory. She didn’t say why this is her favorite; perhaps this is a common pick-up line in the land of the kiwi.

Here’s Friday’s comic, and one that I’m particularly fond of. Like most people whose brain is connected to its stem, I hate TV commercials. But the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials are actually kind of funny. So here’s an amusing little spoof (that word again! LOVE it!) of those commercials entitled “The Most Interesting Bum in the World.” Please enjoy it responsibly. If you’ve not seen these commercials (because many of my readers are not living in the U.S. or don’t have TVs), here is one now.

This last cartoon proposed some art challenges. I wanted to somehow depict a house that looked normal from the outside but had such incredibly thick walls that there was no room inside. This was the best I could do with the concept. I hope it came across. It certainly is not a thigh-slapper, but not every cartoon is (or can be.) I just like to let my mind wander and draw the things that catch my imagination or amusement. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t.

Say what you will about this house, it would cost nothing to heat or cool.

MOTORCYCLE CRASH UPDATE SPECIAL REPORT: Thanks for everyone’s kind words. You’re sweet. People have been asking how we’re doing and I’m happy to report we are doing better. Both of us are still really sore and walking around like a couple of octogenarians after a weekend on ecstasy at Lollapalooza. CHNW is still really sore with a HUGE bruise on her hip, about the size of a watermelon and the color of a raw steak. She’s limping around pretty badly but we hope it isn’t permanent. X-rays showed no break, so she should be okay. Here is the actual doctor actually looking at her actual X-ray. I wonder if this passes as porn for docs?

Other bad news is that my mechanic says my beloved bike is totaled. It would take as much as it’s worth to rebuild it back to its former glory. The problem with a classic bike in mint condition is that you can’t just go out and replace it. I’m really depressed about that, but as they say, at least we are alive and healing. Yay and boo hoo.

Here are Bizarro comics on favorite household items. Yay!