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Saggy Cat

Bizarro 05-11-14 hedrWEBBizarro 05-11-14 WEB(Make any cartoon bigger by clicking the crap out of it.)

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It’s been over 20 years now that I’ve been expecting the baggy pants fad (or “rodeo clown look”) to fade but I remain unsatisfied. In thinking about this amusing fashion, I wondered if other generations have had similar problems. Voila! A cartoon. (more…)

Cowboy Hip Hop

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Damn, my life sucks right now. But that’s not your problem. Instead, let’s talk about this cartoon.

There are two cowboys and they look like they’re in the Old West, but wait. They’re talking about a modern keyboard function. That’s the funny part. Hahaha.


What’s the deal with this next cartoon? Well, it’s an idea from my “known associate,” Wayno. If you are young and uneducated about the history of department stores, Penney’s used to be called J.C.Penney. if you are old and uneducated about the history of hip hop, Jay Z is a performer in that genre. Ah, now the joke comes to life. Hahaha. (more…)

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