OMG Meditation

Bizarro is brought to you today by Munch Racing.

I skipped posting this cartoon in the correct chronological sequence because I’m not sure of its merit. So many spoofs (I love that word, don’t know why) of Munch’s “Scream” have been done so I felt like this idea was a little trite. Still, with the use of the texting shorthand, (OMG means “Oh My God,” for those of you who have just awakened from a 40-year coma and are reading this while looking at a computer for the first time in your life), it is current and lots of people like that kind of stuff. This morning, I received a comment from a reader who wanted to see it on the blog so it could be shown to a friend, so here it is. I am nothing if not accommodating to my precious blog readers. (more…)

OMG. Like, Awesome.

Bizarro is brought to you today by Signs of the Times.

It occurs to me that today’s texting shorthand is the same thing as cave paintings. For the most part, cave paintings fall into three categories: here’s what I saw, here’s what I believe, here’s what I hope for.  I don’t think we’ve changed all that much in what we feel the need to communicate. (more…)