Teeth Pie Cat Marriage Pain Sleep






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As predicted, the second cartoon in this lineup, which appeared in papers on Tuesday, confused a lot of readers. To understand it, you  have to both be a regular reader of Bizarro and connect it to this first cartoon, which appeared in papers on Monday. (more…)

Seurat Pie Cubes Cruelty Tax

(To see this cartoon all up in your face and spectacular, click the black doggy.)

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I had a wonderful weekend, hope you did, too. The weather here in Los Angeles was spectacular for outside-doing-stuff and so I went hiking and rock climbing. I went to a famous place just outside of town called Vasquez Rocks, which has been used in countless films and television shows, mostly westerns and science fiction. The largest, most pointy rock is called Kirk’s Rock because William Shatner confronted a man in a rubber lizard suit in front of it in an episode of the original Star Trek TV show in the 60s. (more…)

Pies, Clowns, Smut

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Here’s another gag from my known accomplice,Wayno. I admit I did very little to change this one, as you’ll find out from his blog entry about it. I did add the orange sign in the background.

I know from experience that there are a dozen-or-so of you who read the copy in these posts and leave comments. But I’m beginning to believe that the overwhelming majority of people just read the cartoons and move on. I don’t blame them, I don’t read long blogs, either. But it’s time consuming to produce these posts and I’m wondering if there is any point to it when I could be using that time to chase rainbows and unicorns through fields of wildflowers or Tweet things I saw on my way to the store. Maybe I should just post the cartoon and a short sentence about it and leave it at that. Let me know your thoughts. Especially those of you who have not read this far. (more…)