Nutritional Requirements

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(To see this cartoon in huge, horrifying detail, click the license plate.)

Bizarro is brought to you today by The Walking Dead.

Today’s creepy Halloweenkinda cartoon is the brainchild of my good buddy and colleague, Dan McConnell. Here in the U.S., people have taken to putting decals on the back windows of their cars that have a stick figure representation of the people in their family, often with names and pets included. It’s a little too precious for a cynical curmudgeon like me but I understand why people like to do it. I loved McC’s take on the zombie family’s decal as they chase a brain down the street. I added the silhouettes of the flesh-eating zombies inside the car and the vanity plate. I used an old Chevy from the 60s because they’re more fun to draw than modern SUVs, which is where a majority of these decals seem to appear. Probably because the majority of American family’s today want to drive apartment buildings around instead of cars. (more…)

Wrong in So Many Ways

Bizarro is brought to you today by Literal Bakers.

One of my favorite types of games as a kid were those “find x things wrong with this picture.” Playing that game in Highlights magazine was the only good thing about going to the doctor or dentist. (My parents were too poor to get me a subscription to the magazine, plus, we had no permanent mailing address in the strip mining pit in which we lived.) (more…)