Fear of Farm Girls

Bizarro 05-17-15 hdrWEBBizarro is brought to you today by Alex Trebek Sighting.

I made a mistake in today’s Sunday comic and I didn’t catch it until it was too late to stop it from getting into print. I’ve posted the corrected version here but the inferior one is in papers all over the world today. In the version with the screw-up, the caption reads, “Farm Bizarro 05-17-15 WEBgirls, scarecrows and tin men, oh my!” I guess I was writing it correctly, instead of mimicking the way the similar line was said in the film, with the extra “and” between “farm girls” and “scarecrows”. Arrrrggghh. I know it’s no big deal but it bugs me and I wish I’d caught it sooner. On the bright side, there are still seven secret symbols to look for, which you can find more easily by clicking the image and making it larger.

Fighting Words

bz panel 06-28-13bz strip 06-28-13Bizarro is brought to you today by How We Financed the War.

I used to think I was a pretty fair Scrabble player until I made the mistake of agreeing to play with a couple of colleagues of mine, both of whom were long-time, accomplished editors and graduates of Yale. My subsequent humiliation was that of a 3rd grader trying to compete on an adult version of Jeopardy! I think my biggest-scoring word that night was “jet.” That was around 25 years ago and to this day I refuse to play Scrabble with anyone older than eight.