Big Bed Roll

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Bizarro is brought to you today by Remembrances.

I’m a big fan of memory foam mattresses. I’ve slept on all kinds of things and tend to have an achy back (because I am a male Homo sapiens past the age of 35) and memory foam is by far the best for me. They are very strange to try to pick up or move, however, because they are much heavier, floppier, and denser than a traditional mattress. Picking up a queen-size memory foam mattress is not unlike trying to move several adult human corpses stuffed into a gigantic sandwich bag. And the answer to your next question is yes.

Pop Pop Fizz Fizz

bz panel 10-01-13bz strip 10-01-13Bizarro is brought to you today by Favorite Toys.

Yesterday I alerted my entire jar of international Jazz Pickles of a case of theft of one of my cartoons. I posted the link to the site which was posting my cartoon with the signature and copyright removed and asked you to express your dissapointment. Thanks to you, dear JPs, they’ve now replaced the art with the proper version with full attribution (with my permission.) Let this be a lesson to us all; together, the power of the Jazz Pickle jar can do ANYTHING!  I suggest our next target be getting the Kardashians off the air and out of the press for good. Maybe even exiled. Hmm. (more…)