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Bizarro is brought to you today by PC or Not PC?

Hello, mates. (Imagine me saying this paragaph with an English accent.) Do you like jolly good fun? Well you’ve come to the right drum and bass, by George, because that’s what I’ve brought you today with these four brand new, hot-from-the-crumpet-oven cartoons! Can you find all 7 icons (or “secret symbols”) in this large Sunday cartoon above? It’s a tough one. To make it bigger, click on the lady’s shoe. (more…)

Clown Assault Capabilities

Feel free to look at a larger version of this cartoon by clicking the clown’s welder’s mask.

Bizarro is brought to you today by Weapons of the 1950s.

Today’s offering is another collaboration with my “known associate”, Wayno. He likes cartoons about clowns and often uses this seltzer-bottles-and-pies-as-clown-weapons motif. I added some extra humor to the drawing wherever I could and had a lot of fun doing so. Although I dislike clowns in person, especially when they are not confined to a stage and can enter my personal space, I love clown gags and drawing clowns in general. They’re much more fun to draw than to watch, in my opinion. (more…)