Mojo Clown Fly Game

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Bizarro is brought to you today by Stowaway.

Pharmaceutical companies have known how to prevent bad juju for decades, but there is so much money in mojo treatment that they’ve buried the cure. Sometimes capitalism sucks.













If you don’t know the song this cartoon refers to, you likely have no idea what this is about. If you do know it, though, it’s a real kick in the pants. Here it is but be warned: it’s a pretty insidious earworm. (more…)

Smiley Fez Icing Smut

bz panel 03-31-14bz strip 03-31-14bz panel 04-01-14bz strip 04-01-14bz panel 04-02-14bz strip 04-02-14Bizarro is brought to you today by A Good Read.


As I’ve mentioned here before, I design and draw my cartoons to fit into the vertical “panel” format, then reposition that art and add to it as necessary for the horizontal “strip” version. So I think most of my gags work better as panels, but in this case, the strip works better because we get a better sense of the speeding taxi. In both frames, however, the hapless texter gets flattened. (more…)

Secrets of the Trade

bz panel 05-27-13Bizarro is brought to you today by A LOT of Tie Dye.

Here’s how cartooning works:

1. I draw and submit the best cartoon I can, then forget about it.

2. Weeks later when it publishes, I grab it for this blog. At this time I often think of things that would have made the cartoon better. In this case, the caption should have been, “I see a small, green stranger in your future,” which would, of course, refer to the next cycle of the crossing light. Here, I regret having gone with the cliche palm reader line seen here. (more…)